Move Croydon stations into Zone 4!

East Croydon is 10.4 miles from central London. West Croydon is just 10 miles from the heart of London. South Croydon is 11 miles from the city. All are in Zone 5.

Chigwell station is 13.4 miles east of central London and Hounslow Central is 12.1 miles to the west. Both are in Zone 4.

Moving East, West and South Croydon stations into Zone 4/5 is not only fair, but it'll have a huge impact on the cost of living for so many across Croydon who, like me, commute daily into the city. Moving East Croydon station from Zone 5 to 4/5 will mean a:

  • £380 saving each year (if you buy an annual travelcard)
  • £426.80 each year (if you but a monthly travelcard)
  • £494 each year (if you buy a weekly travelcard)

In 2014 Stratford Station was re-zoned from Zone 3 to 2/3 to avoid passengers paying extra. If the same logic was applied to the whole of south London (3 miles of travel as a minimum per zone) most stations would move in a zone. This would save south London commuters into central London money whilst also protecting/reducing the fares of those travelling in from the City.

Moving Croydon's stations into a different zone makes economic sense for our community - incentivising companies to relocate and invest in our town, boosting a change in perceptions and helping cut the cost of living for so many.

But I can't do it without your help. So join my campaign to cut your cost of living, increase investment in our local community, and help make a Croydon a place we can all be proud of.


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