Stop Croydon Council building on green spaces in Selsdon

Croydon Council is proposing to build on green spaces on Monks Hill and other parts of Selsdon.  They will transfer the land for these sites to their wholly-owned subsidiary, Brick by Brick, the company that will develop the land.  The plans are for the following number of houses/flats on these sites:

  • Freelands Avenue green space – 10 units
  • Corner of Shepherd’s Way green space – 7 units
  • Farnborough Avenue green space – 15 units
  • Tedder Road garages – 4 units
  • Heather Way Garages/Car Park – 4 units
  • Foxearth Road green space - 18 units
  • Croham Valley Road (adj no.124) - 7 units
  • Hawthorn Crescent - 7 units

Sign this petition if you want to oppose the Council building on Selsdon's precious green spaces.