Keep Croydon Green!

Croydon Council is currently controlled by the Labour Party. Your Member of Parliament is currently Labour.

On 21st October Labour put forward proposals to build on protected green belt land near Lodge Lane and on Gravel Hill.

Concreting over Gravel Hill will mean over 1,500 units coming to the area.

Building on Lodge Lane/North Downs Crescent would see more than 3,000 erected.

Labour's own proposal says doing this would cause ‘significant harm’ to the green belt and that the proposed boundaries ‘are not substantial to ensure long term containment’ – meaning once they do this, they could do it again with yet more of our vital green space - but they're pushing ahead with it anyway.

Don’t let Labour concrete over our community.

Join the campaign against their destructive plans – and don’t vote Labour at the next election!

To see the full Labour report on the plans, visit the Council website.

What can you do to help?

Step 1: join my campaign!

Sign my petition below, which I'll hand in to Croydon Council as an official petition as part of their consultation process.

The more people who sign it, the more weight it will have in the eyes of those deciding whether to permit this destruction of our community.

So please share with your friends, family and neighbours - don't forget to share it on social media as well using #KeepCroydonGreen!

Step 2: print off and share the campaign leaflet

Attached below is a PDF leaflet that explains, in brief, what Labour are planning to do to our vital greenbelt. Do print it off and share it with your neighbours.

I'll be out delivering this around the sites with my team of volunteers - but if you would like to help then that would be very much appreciated!

Step 3: take part in the official Croydon Council consultation

The official Council consultation launches on 8th November and closes on 13th January 2020. The link is here.

Again, please take the time to fill it in and share it with the community. The more reasoned arguments we present to protect our precious green spaces, the more likely it is that the Council will listen and relent on their horrific plans.


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Sign and share the petition to keep Croydon green!

What do you think about the Council's plans to build on our local green belt?
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