Dear Sarah - when will you speak out about Labour antisemitism?

Dear Sarah,

On 1st May I wrote to ask you to publicly stand up for Croydon’s Jewish community by condemning Jeremy Corbyn for writing a foreword to a book that the Board of Deputies of British Jews branded ‘pure and unequivocal racism’.

You have yet to reply.

Since then there have been a number of concerning additional incidents in your party:

Other senior leaders in your party are, however, less critical.

On 12th July Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott endorsed calls for Tom Watson to resign. She re-tweeted a call from Claudia Webbe for Watson to ‘Consider his position’.

In response to Tom Watson’s letter to Jennie Formby calling for more action to tackle antisemitism in the Labour Party, Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry said on 14th July that she wasn’t interested in the ‘soap-opera’.

On 11th July newly revealed footage emerged of Jeremy Corbyn speaking at a Labour party meeting last October, after the summer 2018 antisemitism crisis, with him saying criticism in the press “doesn't bother me, nothing keeps me awake at night anyway. I frankly don't care.”

As a Labour Shadow Minister, you are actively working to deliver a Jeremy Corbyn government. But you have been publicly silent on the anti-Jewish racism infecting your party.

I, and many of my fellow Croydon Central residents would like to know: whose side are you on?

Do you agree with Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott and Emily Thornberry? Do you feel there is nothing to be bothered about?

Or do you agree with Tom Watson, the 200 members of Labour staff, 60 Labour Peers, dozens of Labour MPs and thousands of moderate, committed Labour members leaving your party due to its inaction on tackling anti-Jewish racism?

You have previously said: “The rise of hate crime and antisemitism across the UK is alarming… as MPs we have to act.”

When will you act?

I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind Regards,

Mario Creatura

Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Croydon Central


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