#Jayde4Croydon - campaign launch!

Today I joined the Croydon Conservatives team as they launched Jayde Edwards' campaign for the Fairfield by-election.

The by-election was triggered because a Labour Councillor resigned for an undisclosed reason after serving for just 18 months.

The energy was fantastic, the passion for boosting our town centre palpable.

Here Jayde explains a little about herself, and why she's standing for election in her community:

'My name is Jayde Edwards. I’m 20 years old, a lifelong Croydon resident and proud mother to my four year old son.

'I am passionate about young people having a strong voice, reaching their potential and having every opportunity to make their dreams a reality.  Through the charity I work with, I mentor young people and help them work through their circumstances and for positive change for themselves, their immediate environment and the world around them.

'I may not have the stereotypical background of a typical Conservative candidate but I believe that aspiration, hard work and personal responsibility are the values that drive real change and personal transformation. As children, we are not responsible for our circumstances; but as adults, it is our job to fix them.

'I am standing at this election because I am passionate about creating an environment that nurtures prosperity for young people. To do that, we need a town centre that we can be proud of.'

The election will take place on 7th November - keep an eye out on for me, Jayde and the team as we get out talking to the Town Centre community.