What Conservative members say about Mario

 Alex Fiuza Mario Creatura Mole Valley

I know better than most what Mario would be like as a parliamentary candidate; I worked with him when he was in 2019. And he is a force to be reckoned with. 

He worked hard. With a young family and a job he nonetheless put in remarkable hours to the campaign, knocking doors, delivering leaflets, strategizing, fundraising, creating social media content, participating in hustings and more.

He was proactive in engaging volunteers and keeping them enthusiastic, and he ensured the campaign was fun even when times were tough. Which, to be clear, is not easy. 

He also applied himself intellectually to the campaign, constantly thinking of new ways to further optimise. 

Every constituency has a serious fight on its hands at the coming election. Mario is a candidate up to the task.

James King Mario Creatura South Park Woodhatch

Mario worked tirelessly on my campaign. He brought fresh ideas, energy, and enthusiasm to campaign for a seat which many thought was already lost before we had started. Retaining South Park and Woodhatch meant not only that I got to serve my local residents for four more years, but that the Conservatives kept control of the council at a time when many other councils were being lost.

In my time involved with the Conservatives, it's without doubt the best orchestrated campaign I have seen, and it delivered a positive result that nearly no-one expected.

His campaigning and political experience, and strategising would be a great asset to any Association as MP.

 Jane Illingworth Mario Creatura Reigate

We are delighted to have a Conservative candidate of the caliber and quality of Mario Creatura. His professional and business background as an activist/previous candidate, private sector and Downing Street employee, is a tremendous asset and will ensure that he can represent constituency residents’ interests at the highest levels with ability, confidence, diligence and enthusiasm. Mario’s engaging personality would be of considerable benefit in dealing with the general public, officials and politicians.

Dorothy Ross-Tomlin Mario Creatura Reigate Banstead Chipstead Redhill

Mario has a proven track record of being a loyal and hard working Conservative activist over a 15 year period, indeed he stood as a Parliamentary Candidate in 2019.

Mario lives locally with his wife Amy and their young twin sons (who were born at East Surrey Hospital). He is also hugely personable.

Mario campaigned in Croydon and in other locations for other candidates since 2010. He was involved in many campaigns, including 2010, 2012, 2015, 2017, and knows how to fundraise and how to write a manifesto and fight a campaign.

As a Borough Councillor in Croydon, where he holds a seat in Coulsdon ward, Mario understands how the democratic and legislative process works and could be effective as an MP in his understanding of the workings of other tiers of local government.  Mario has been robust in his stance against the financial incompetency, vagaries and waste of the Labour-led Croydon council. He works hard for his community.

Mario Creatura, over the years, has campaigned locally and understands the issues here; activists find him supportive and residents find him empathetic.

I am happy to recommend Mario Creatura as a suitable candidate to be a Member of Parliament.

Dorothy is a life-long Conservative. She served for 26 years as a Borough Councillor and 16 years as a Surrey County Councillor.

Rich Mario Creatura

Mario has a wealth of experience as a local councillor and as an adviser at the highest levels of government.

He has the ability to quickly understand what is important to residents and instinctively formulate a strategy to tackle those issues. Mario's enthusiasm to serve is boundless. 

His leadership qualities mean that not only can he lead from the front, but can energise all team members around him. His efforts in every campaign have been highly commendable. Indeed, were it not for his management of May’s South Park and Woodhatch campaign, Reigate Borough would have fallen into No Overall Control. Now it’s the only Conservative-majority Council in Surrey – Mario did that.

I have known Mario for six years and during this time I have had the opportunity to judge his character, his reliability and his commitment. Mario is a thoroughly decent person, hard-working, loyal and dependable. If he says he will do something, he will do it and with energy! His commitment to the Conservative Party is strong, and I am certain that he would be a credit to the residents of Dorking and Horley were he to be selected as your Parliamentary Candidate.

 James Olney Reigate Redhill Banstead Mario Creatura

Mario is a rare breed of Conservative - one who understands how Westminster works, but knows that strong campaigns and effective representation is built on a foundation of trust and care in your local community. His experience in No10 means he can hit the ground running - pushing for issues that matter the most to us from Day One - like community safety, transport and protecting our environment. 

I’ve had the opportunity to both campaign and work with Mario and I’ve been consistently impressed by his dedication to his community, his friends and his colleagues. No issue is too problematic or too small and I’m certain he will serve as an effective, active local Member of Parliament. 

It’s a pleasure to endorse him and I look forward to hitting the streets with him in 2024.

James Dodsworth Mario Creatura Reigate Redhill

I've been lucky enough to work with Mario in a number of ways within the Conservative Party. He has proven himself time and again to be a fantastic advocate for the Party, especially when knocking on doors spreading the Party's message.

I have seen Mario win elections many thought were a lost cause, all whilst championing the values and conduct I value most in both friends and colleagues. He would be an asset as a parliamentary candidate for the 2024 election, and I look forward to campaigning for him to enter the House of Commons as an MP.

Mus Tary Mario Creatura Reigate Banstead

Mario has the energy, passion and drive to represent the community like we have never seen. I've known him for over 10 years and he will give his all for the constituency. His expertise on campaigning both in person and digitally is second to none. He has expertise on a broad range of policies backed with ability to explain it to constituents with compassion and diligence. He has the skills to reinvigorate party locally and engage with the local community using his knowledge, vigour and natural charm.

I know he would make a superb Member of Parliament.

Richard Coad Mario Creatura Reigate Redhill Banstead

We need MPs who can deliver on the needs of their constituency and not only on the needs of Parliament. We need MPs who can tackle issues around the cost of living, affordable housing and the Green Belt. I’m confident that Mario is a candidate who can engage with the community in all of these critical areas.

He is ready to use his excellent experience of government, personal enthusiasm and extraordinary energy levels to represent everyone.

Having been a councillor I know what it takes to get the support of a community who are very clear on the issues that are important to them. A new MP needs to hit the ground running on these issues and Mario can do this.

Mario has a natural ability to engage with the younger electorate who are ready to vote Conservative on the issues that matter to them. He is the right candidate to put on the ballot paper for the under-35s as only by winning their trust will we win and retain seats.

I believe that Mario’s natural personal empathy and strong political awareness to represent all voters makes him the strongest candidate to represent any constituency.

Joan Odiachi Mario Creatura Redhill Reigate Banstead Chipstead

When I first met Mario I was struck by his energy and enthusiasm for helping my home community to be the best it can be. I saw first-hand when he spoke to local people that he was able to immediately strike up a rapport no matter what their issues or concerns. It was clear to me that he is an experienced campaigner, and knows what it takes to get Conservatives elected.

I work in social care, a challenging and rewarding job - it's a sector that I know Mario really cares about and wants to improve. With his knowledge of how the levers of power work in Government, Parliament and in Local Authorities, I have no doubt that he'll be able to improve the lives of vulnerable children in the system were he to be elected.

That's why I have no hesitation in endorsing Mario to be a Parliamentary candidate, and hopefully an elected Member of Parliament.

Tom and Danny Redhill Reigate Mario Creatura Banstead

We’ve known Mario for the better part of a decade and we know that if he’s chosen as a Parliamentary candidate then he’ll strain every sinew to support local entrepreneurs and small businesses - just like us.

Mario works in the private sector, he knows that SMEs are the backbone of our economy, he’ll listen and use his experience in government to advocate for the causes that really matter to our borough’s business community.

We’re proud to have spent the last 22 years building a local business and employing local people. If you want a representative that will champion local job creators like us, then you’ve got to back Mario to be a future Member of Parliament.

Milan Patel Mario Creatura Reigate Banstead Readhill

I've known Mario for over 13 years and have had the pleasure to campaign with him. He has the energy, drive and fantastic campaigning experience for the Party coupled with the unique exposure to work formerly at No10 Downing Street as Special Adviser to a Prime Minister. 

He has additionally made an outstanding contribution to his local community as a councillor and had proven experience of 'hitting the ground running'. Mario always puts local residents first and has demonstrated he is a profound caseworker for them.

He will serve as a fantastic talented and active MP in the community. I know he will tirelessly serve the interests of all local residents, businesses and other stakeholders.

I have absolutely no reservation in endorsing him to the role of the local MP which I am certain he will excel at.

Derek Galloway Mario Creatura

I first met Mario when he came to visit my manufacturing company in 2012. He immediately struck me as someone I could do business with, listening intently to our concerns and needs.

From dynamic start-ups to established family firms like mine, Mario understands that small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of our country.

I know he'll put the needs of the community first and work on the issues that matter. When we set about picking our next Parliamentary candidates, Mario should definitely get your vote.

Robina Holmes Mario Creatura Reigate Banstead Chipstead

I first met Mario during the Croydon North by-election in 2012 where he was working alongside the candidate in the Committee Rooms. Immediately he struck me as someone with intelligence and high energy. Since then I have worked with him at branch level while he has been representing Coulsdon as a local councillor. He is diligent with his case work, contributes well at meetings and always brings enthusiasm to his role. I wish him well in his ambition to become a Member of Parliament.

David Higham Chipstead Redhill Reigate Mario Creatura

I am currently a resident of Chipstead but until recently I had been living in Coulsdon for 12 years. I had the misfortune of facing substantial planning blight risk in my immediate vicinity with developers purchasing the neighbouring properties and looking to demolish these and seeking to replace them with blocks of flats. Mario Creatura was my local councillor and worked closely with me and tirelessly in achieving a successful outcome in Croydon Town Hall, defeating the application, against the odds, in what was a Labour dominant council. I have always found Councillor Creatura to be a personable and enthusiastic individual, always accessible and working hard to achieve positive outcomes for those in his ward. I remain very appreciative of his efforts and I am certain he can achieve success in his future political endevours.