Brand new A&E department for Croydon

In the last few weeks the brand new A&E facility at Croydon University Hospital has opened - thanks to £21m of Government funding.

Designed by local doctors rather than architects, it will speed up all the different types of treatment needed by everyone right across Croydon. It is 30% bigger than the old department and provides much greater privacy for patients receiving treatment than the old curtained-cubicles approach: each treatment room has a door and a privacy curtain. Treatment for adults and children is completely separate, creating a much more child-friendly environment for families.

It has been designed to be able to cope with a figure well in excess of the current annual number of visitors and with the ability to be expanded in the future as Croydon’s population increases. 

The funding was secured by the former Conservative MP for Croydon Central, Gavin Barwell and announced in 2015. It is wonderful now to see Gavin's work come to fruition and I'm looking forward to the official opening in the spring of next year.

My thanks to everyone at the hospital for making it happen, and for looking after us so well all year round.